Frequently Asked Questions and Reference Sites:

What data is needed in order for MSDS to GHS Compliance to author an SDS? Is there a specific format that the data needs to be in?

MSDS to GHS Compliance tries to make the process as efficient as it can for it's customers and does not require the input data to be submitted in a specific format.  An input form is available and can be leveraged for those customer's who do not have the data organized in an existing format.  The data needed in order to author an SDS is the product formulation details along with any known chemical and physical properties.  These key data points are included in the input form.

What are the standard turnaround times for an SDS?

From the time that the input data is submitted to MSDS to GHS Compliance,  the turnaround time for a standard request is 5 business days.  Upon receipt of the data,  MSDS to GHS Compliance will provide a target date for the project completion.  A 24 hr expedited service is available for urgent requests,  contact us for details.

We have an existing SDS but are in need of a GHS Label,  can MSDS to GHS Compliance help?

Yes we can.  We will review the existing SDS,  to ensure it has the appropriate GHS elements,  and then create the applicable GHS Label.

Can an SDS be authored to be compliant in multiple countries / regions?

Yes with some exceptions depending on the business needs and target regions.  Contact us for specific information.

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Purple Book:

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